Mission and Vision

Сivic Integration Foundation (CIF) is a non-governmental, non-profit and nonpolitical organization committed to promotion of civic integration, human rights and civil society. CIF is a leading NGO institution in Georgia in the field of civic integration and minority rights protection. The goal of the foundation is to support integration of ethnic minorities who live on the territory of Georgia and to strengthen their civic and political participation in public and political life of Georgia so that every citizen of Georgia apart from ethnical, religious or other group belongings could evenly execute rights and obligations conferred by international contracts and acknowledged by Georgia and constitution of Georgia.
To achieve this aim CIF executes following activities:
– Informative
– Educational
– Publishing
– And other activities, which are not prohibited by legislation of Georgia and serve to the goal of the fund.
The key structures of CIF are as following: Governing Board, Office of Executive Director and the Departments working in the field of Culture, Education, International Relations and Legal Aid.
CIF is composed with young members who represent different ethnic minorities in Georgia. The foundation also has numerous young members with Georgian ethnicity who together with ethnic minorities try to promote civic integration and human rights protection in Georgia. Therefore, the most important target groups of our foundation are young people who live in Georgia and who give their share in development of democracy and civil society in Georgia.