2014-2017 years


By the board members of CIF

Tbilisi, 28th April, 2014



‘’Civic Integration Foundation’’ was registered at 20th of December, 2004 by the Public Service Hall of Georgia #1184

The purpose of ”Civic Integration Fund” is to support civil integration of ethnic minorities living in Georgia and actively engage them in public and political life.

The foundation conducts educational, publishing and human rights activities, intercultural dialogue and other activities to harmonize public diplomatic and inter-ethnic relations, which is not prohibited by the Georgian legislation and serves the purpose of the foundation.

Civic Integration Fund is also actively involved in the activities of Georgia’s European Integration, process of decentralization and it strengthens local self-government as well.

The proposed strategic plan determines the main direction of the development of organization which is based on the Constitution of Georgia, the Charter of the Organization and Internal Regulations, local and other international normative acts.



Missions objectives and goals of organization:

Mission: Integration of ethnic minority representatives of Georgia, which helps them to become actively involved in the political and economic life of the country.


Objectives of the organization:

  1. Promotion of civic awareness based on liberal democratic values in citizens;
  2. To carry out various activities to respect cultural values and tolerance of the society


The Goal of the organization:

The goal is to enhance knowledge and skills, which are necessary for self-realization among the youth of ethnic minorities.

Immediately take care of the growth of civil culture through training-seminars, round tables and conferences.


Information about the foundation:

The organization is involved in the activities of European Integration actively.

Since its establishment, CIF has been implementing various projects with the financial support of international donors to achieve the goal of the organization.

Within the framework of civic education projects, many young people managed to realize themselves in Georgian society. Realized the duty-free loans.

Over the years, CIF has developed traditions that are based on recommendation and patronage for active young people.

Since 2006 CIF has been equipped with computer equipment.

CIF owns experienced and qualified trainer lecturers.

CIF has branch offices in Kvemo Kartli region, Dmanisi and Gardabani municipalities, where people are working actively to raise civic awareness among people.

CIF conducts traditions of celebrating international dates for the purpose of promoting European Integration of Georgia.


Organizational Structure:

Board of Funds

Executive Director

Main Staff




Main staff:

Project Manager

Fundraising; Preparation of projects; Implementation of Projects and accountability

Financial manager

Financial management of organization, preparation of financial accounting

Administrative manages

Administrative Management

Technical staff

Organize activities to support the work of organization



The strategic directions of the foundation:

Civil education

Protection of human rights

Youth Development

Improvement of election environment

Strengthening regional media

Lobbying/ advocacy

Public Information – online TV – News Television

(Strategic Directions activities and indicators see appendix 2)


Staff Policy

Employees reflect personal professional goals and needs;

Carry out the assigned tasks;

They will be rendered as a separate project

Also yearly assessment;


Relevant resources will be handed out to carry out the authority;

They will undergo trainings and upgrade their qualifications;

The fund cares about professional growth of employees;

Attracting qualified staff;

To fill vacant seats by competition;


Fund Development Indicators:

Objective-oriented action and strategic plan;

The target group is attracted and maintained;

Young people are involved in projects;

Professional and experienced experts cooperate with organization;

Number of employees increases;

The interest of various donors towards the organization is increasing;

Continuous monitoring of quality of project implementation (based on the target group survey)



Factors determining the success of the foundation:

Two oriented activities on the gods;

Correctly defined priorities;

Collegiality and professionalism of employees;

Community engagement;

Authority with donors.


Fulfillment of the work environment:

Upgrading the foundation’s office rooms and creating appropriate working conditions;

Upgrade material-technical base;

Purchase of the latest programs for organized activities.


Partnership Relationship Fund:

The foundation is actively cooperating with the aim of achieving the objectives:

  1. NGOs

Member of ethnic minorities Council at the office of the Public Defender of Georgia;

Member of ethnic minorities Council at the Central Election Commission of Georgia;

A member of the European Network of Support for Nationalism, Racism, Fascism, Migrants and Refugees;

Coalition for Independent and Transparent Judiciary;

Organization ‘’school, family, society’’;

‘’Center for training and consultancy’’

‘’Caucasus institute for peace, democracy and development’’;

‘’Public Movement Multinational Georgia’’;

‘’Friendly Ways’’

  1. State Structures:

The foundation is actively involved in the activities of Georgia’s European integration, decentralization process and supporting the strengthening of local self-government, for which he actively cooperates:

Is a member of the Public Advisory Board working on self-governance issues.

Ministry of Reconciliation and Civil Equality;

Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia;

Ministry of Sports and Youth;

Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia

  1. Donors and international organizations:
  • Eurasia Partnership Foundation
  • Open Society – Georgia Foundation (OSGF)
  • United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
  • International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES)
  • East-West Management Institute (EWMI)
  • United Nations Association of Georgia (UNAG)
  • US Embassy in Georgia
  • EU Delegation to Georgia
  • Council of Europe representation in Georgia
  • NATO Liaison Office in Georgia
  • United Nations Development Fund (UNDF)
  • Friedrich Ebert Foundation
  • The European Center for Minority Issues (ECMI)


Fund self-assessment:

CIF conducts an assessment of the activities carried out every year to identify and correct problems and hindering factors that are reflected in strategic plans;

(Analysis of results, survey of employees)

Employees fill up self-assessment forms. Information will be presented to the board


Foundation’s civil culture

CIF is involved in blood transfusions;

CIF is actively involved in establishing a healthy lifestyle

Participates in various sports competitions;

Participates in environmental cleaning rallies;

Participates in environmental planting actions;

Carries out charitable activities;

Conducts cognitive-educational excursions.


Promotion of Fund’s activities

Establishment of public relations forms;

Development of strategic plan of communication;

CIF will prepare stickers by using a logic logo, banner on the activities of the brochure organization;

Information on CIF ‘s innovations and ongoing events will be regularly posted on the web-site and social networks.